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SW "Rehacor" as a supplement to other devices

To encephalograph-analyzer "Encephalan-131-03"

SW functional biopotential control with biofeedback SW Rehacor may be supplied as a supplement to electroencephalograph-analyzer "Encephalan-131-03"

Physical configuration of
EEGA-21/26 "Encephalan-131-03"

Physical configuration of patient transceiver of
electroencephalograph-analyzer EEGA-21/26
Modification 10 with 4 additional polygraphic
channels (at the bottom of the front panel).

Electroencephalograph-analyzer EEGA-21/26-"Encephalan-131-03" has several modifications with 4 and 6 polygraphic channels, used to work with basic procedures set. Creating biofeedback or Egoscop procedures, EEG channels may also be used . Some modifications of patient transceivers of electroencephalograph-analyzer EEGA-21/26-"Encephalan-131-03" (modifications 02, 03, 04, 10 and 11) include several polygraphic channels, which allow recording such physiological characteristics as HR, GSR, respiratory curve, etc.

Polygraphic channels are enumerated from left to right with horizontal rows, every of two slots. Neutral electrode is connected to the slot "N" at work with signals of electrical nature (ECG, EEG, etc.).