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SW "Rehacor" as a supplement to other devices

To device "Egoscop"

SW functional biopotential control with biofeedback SW Rehacor may be supplied as a supplement to complex of objective psychophysiological analysis and testing "Egoscop"

Wireless patient multifunction transceiver "Rehacor"
and "Egoscop" look identically.

Patient multifunction transceiver ABP-4 is used as a basic device in complex "Egoscop" as well as in device "Rehacor-". Therefore, naturally, SW "Egoscop" is a supplement to device "Rehacor-", and SW "Rehacor" is a supplement to complex "Egoscop".

Universal polygraphic channels are enumerated from right to left, sensors and electrodes slots of delivery set are signed and inserted into slots of patient multifunction transceiver with the inscription at the top. Neutral electrode is connected to the slot "N" at work with signals of electrical nature.