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Somnological studies and indeces multiparameter monitoring

Somnological studies Encephalan-PSG Additionally provides basic variant of polysomnographic studies both in autonomous and telemetrical modes with SW Somnological studies "Encephalan-PSG"

There are two variants of studies carrying out:
  • Analysis of sleep-disordered breathing with 2 respiration effort sensors, snore sensor and respiratory airflow sensor, and also additional wireless module for pulseoxymetry.

  • PSG-studies with use of 2 EEG derivations and 2 EOG derivations for histograms building to analyze sleep phase structure and sleep-disordered breathing, if additional wireless module POLY-4 is available (2 respiration effort sensors, snore sensor and respiratory airflow sensor) and wireless module for pulseoxymetry.
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SW "Encephalan-PSG" provides, both in autonomous and telemetric modes, record and continuous monitoring of various physiological indices with patient transceiver-recorder ABP-4 of "Rehacor-" system as well as with additional devices, electrodes and sensors which are its component parts. Functional capabilities of SW "Encephalan-PSG", except for functional capabilities related directly to polysomnographic studies specificity, allow, with this SW, carrying out telemetric and autonomous multiparameter monitoring of recorded parameters retaining movement freedom of the patient (the test person) for various purposes, e.g. to control change of physiological parameters and the sportsmans functional state during training or loading functional tests. There is an option of additional equipping with GPS-module for synchronized control of the sportsmans movement, particularly by height.

The videomonitoring synchronized with physiological indices record, may be additionally provided for carrying out PSG-studies or telemetric multiparameter control.