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SW "Rehacor" as a supplement to other devices

To rheograph-polyanalyzer "Rhean-Poly"

SW functional biopotential control with biofeedback – SW "Rehacor" may be supplied as a supplement to rheograph-polyanalyzer RGPA-6.12 "Rhean-Poly"

Rheograph-polyanalyzer RGPA-6/12
"Rhean-Poly", modification 03

Rheograph-polyanalyzer RGPA-6/12
"Rhean-Poly", modification 04

6-channel rheograph-polyanalyzer for complex study of blood circulation parameters RGPA-6/12 "Rhean-Poly" has two modifications with 6 universal polygraphic channels

Polygraphic channels are enumerated from left to right. Neutral electrode is connected to the slot "N" at work with signals of electrical nature (ECG, EEG, etc.).