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Additional set of portable videoequipment provides fully synchronized continuous record of videoinformation and record of various physiological indeces with "Rehacor-" device. It also provides high quality record of audio- and videoinformation, cameras positioning and zooming control and night record.

If it is required, videocameras number may be increased up to 4.

Software "Encephalan-Video" allows carrying out long study safely and qualitatively. While analyzing achieved data, it provides instant search of EEG required fragments and the videodata, connected with them, synchronous data display, automatic search for epileptiform activity and various non-stationarities in EEG (at analysis of PSG studies data), results storage in data base, disk creation to display diagnostically significant fragments (the "Viewer" application) for presentations, display on any PC without special SW installation or delivery to the patient if further consultation is required.

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