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Psychophysiological telemetrical device "Rehacor-Т"
European Quality Certificate CE 538571, issued by British Standards Institute (BSI)
Registration Certificate of Federal Supervision Service for Healthcare and Social Development #FSR 2010/07253 issued from 08.09.2009

Delivery set

Psychophysiological telemetric system "Rehacor-T" is a multifunctional device, one of its main application is a functional biological control with biofeedback. "Rehacor" software for functional biocontrol with biofeedback includes various procedures for acquiring skills of self-regulation as well as procedures for health improvement and rehabilitation based on biofeedback concept.

Psychophysiological telemetric system "Rehacor-T" with "Rehacor" software for functional biocontrol with biofeedback is used for:

  • for non-medicated recovery of impaired functions, improving nerve regulation for different diseases, phobias, pathologies and addictions (both in children and adults), and for forming required psychophysiological status in sportsmen and men of stressed professions using specially designed biofeedback procedures from multipurpose expandable procedures library. Includes an option of multiparametric control of ANS and CNS parameters during biofeedback training. Multifunctional biofeedback procedures library uses wide multimedia capabilities of modern PCs for most types of biofeedback and neurofeedback training and allows modifying and adapting required procedures or creating new ones considering esthetic, intellectual, age and other patient peculiarities.

Optional equipping with additional software, modules, sensors and accessories is possible for extending the list of functions of the "Rehacor-T" system with "Rehacor" software as well as for independent using of "Rehacor-T" system for:

  • polysomnographic studies with "Encephalan-PSG" software (see additional list of sales packages options for "Rehacor-T" system applied for PSG studies);
  • telemetric (attended) or autonomous (unattended) monitoring with the "Encephalan-CA" software for analysis of signals from polygraphical channels in combination with EEG Signals without restricting patients activity (patented in RF #2252692).

"Rehacor-T" device can be supplied with "HRV" software for evaluation of vegetative nerve system state basing on the heart rate variability analysis.

"Reahcor-T" offers multichannel recording of different physiological parameters and signals in required combinations: electroencephalographic (EEG), respiration effort and airflow, electrocardiographic (ECG), electromyographic (EMG), envelope electromyogram (EMG-E), photoplethysmographic (PPG), skin potential response (SPR), galvanic skin response (GSR), oxygen saturation (SpO2), skin conductance (EDA – Electrodermal Activity), temperature (Т), impedance plethysmographic, stabylogram and others. Registering is carried out with 5-channel patient transceiver-recorder (4 polygraphic channels and 1 internal movement activity sensor) and additional wireless devices with possible extension of the simultaneously recorded parameters number.

This data is of informative character. To form the specific set of equipment for delivery contact the commercial department.

Sales package, including optional functional features, is formed according to the table below by customer’s request and by agreement with the supplier. Typical offers for sales packages for various applications are provided by request.

Basic sales package of psychophysiological telemetric system "Rehacor-T"

Software suits, devices and accessories, which extend functional capabilities of the "Rehacor-T" system

Additional devices, sets of sensors and accessories for "Rehacor-T" according to the selected version and additional study types

Additional adapters, electrodes, sensors and accessories with "Micro-8" plug connection for polygraphic channels of ABP-4, wireless respiratory module and module POLY-4

Required computing hardware and office equipment